XVI Dollscar Creative Zone - Conditions

The Dollscar Creative Zone is a place where ball-jointed doll owners can showcase their personal and group art projects to a wide audience.

We invite you to participate in two blocks:

• Thematic stands "Movies" and "Video Games"
• Fan stands dedicated to your favorite company, a line of dolls, etc., or an artistic direction

Thematic dioramas"Movies" and "Video Games"

 Dollscar 2019
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Dollscar's calling card is large-scale dioramas dedicated to recognizable visual images of characters from films, TV series, anime and games in a corresponding setting.

Technical conditions

1. Number of participants from 1 to ∞
2. Prepare at least a background (backdrop) for the composition. The reverse side of the scenery must also be framed (for example, painted over in one tone).
3. Strictly observe the size of the stand. Decorations should occupy the allotted area completely, no more and no less.
4. Place at least 1 ball-jointed doll in the composition.
The main contributors to Dollscar are BJDs made of polyurethane, porcelain, 3d-printed plastics or hand-made.
Large format vinyl articulated dolls: Dollfie Dream, Smartdoll, Angelphilia, Obitsu 1/3 - permitted under general conditions.
Multi-circulation ball-jointed dolls Pullip, Blythe, Azone, Barbie, Fashion Royalty and others
can participate solo and in a group, if the doll is made OOAK especially for Dollscar.
All other dolls can be present as extras, props, decorations.

Creative terms

1. Dedicate your booth to any existing film, short film, animated film, TV or video game feature, PC game, mobile game.
2. The movie or game must be recognizable by its characters and / or scenery.
3. Draw a scene from a movie / game, a poster for it, behind-the-scenes, "what happened after the credits", an alternative development or rethinking of events - in any way, as 3d fanart, interpret the theme you outlined.
4. Characters from different universes can be represented in the composition ("crossover"), but it is necessary to indicate in the application that one of them is the main one.
5. By prior agreement with the organizers, stands with prefabricated, allegorical and archetypal characters (something like a humanization of the entire Marvel universe) may be allowed, focusing on actors, and not their roles, and others in this spirit (it is possible to provide an exhibition space out of competition).

If you have a complex idea and you are not sure if it fits the format for Dollscar, just write to us, we will discuss!

Dollscar 2019 dioramas and fanstands 21
Фото — Toria Soll

Diorama Competition

Each doll in the diorama can be nominated for prizes:

Best Actor or Best Actress
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup

A thematic stand can be nominated for prizes:

Best Film or Best Video Game or Best Small Composition
Best Visual Effects

Compositions can also be presented out of competition by prior agreement with the organizers.

Fan stands

DSC_0721 copy
Photo - Uollka

For fans who want to share their love with everyone - installations in which the central place is given to dolls, united by the author / brand or some common technical characteristics.

The best option for a group art project!

Technical conditions

1. Number of participants from 1 to ∞
2. Prepare at least a background (backdrop) for the stand. The reverse side of the scenery must also be framed (for example, painted over in one tone).
3. Strictly observe the dimensions of the stand. Decorations should occupy the allotted area completely, no more and no less.
4. Any dolls and collectible toys with joints are allowed.

Creative terms

1. Dedicate your fan stand:
favorite author or brand (it is allowed to combine two or three authors on one stand)
doll line
one mold
dolls with a clear common body feature — for example, all with hooves, or all plus size
any artistic direction, for example, scary dolls
2. Choose any theme and build appropriate decorations, or assemble dolls against a simple background and let them speak for themselves
3. Find accomplices in the topic for collecting commands to BJDClub or make an application with a closed team of friends

If you are not sure if your idea is suitable for the format of a fan stand, write to the organizers, we will discuss it! The rules for fan stands are not strict and we can provide an exhibition space for those who dream of showing something it is on Dollscar.

 DSC_0730 copy
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Advertising annd commerce questions

1. Offer visitors handouts, including advertising, if it is directly related to the exposition (for example, the seamstress has made all the costumes for the fan stand, and her business cards are on the table)
2. Authors to participate in organizing fan stands according to their brand. In this case, the author can own no more than half of the dolls. For example, only 12 dolls are involved, which means that 6 of them can be exhibited by the author himself.

1. Offer for sale something located directly at the stand
2. Actively devote the entire stand to promotion (advertising in the design of the stand, the stand is littered with leaflets, etc.)
3. If the author of the dolls participates in the organization of the fan stand, it is prohibited to place on the stand molds / dolls that are currently on sale (for limited editions) and available for pre-order.

If you need all this - please move to the trade and exhibition area, we will be happy ^^

Fan Booth Contest

The competition among fan stands is held with the announcement of the first three places.

The winners are determined by voting among the visitors.

 DSC_0561 copy
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Exhibition places and payment

For thematic compositions for free:

Small composition - 75x90 cm (half of the table)
150x90 cm (1 table, wide side towards the viewer)
150x180 cm (2 tables, either side to the viewer)

For thematic compositions it is paid:

3 tables or more - with an additional payment of 500 rubles for each table, except for two. Project approval required by organizers

For fan stands:

150x90 cm (1 table, wide side to the viewer) - 500₽
300x90 cm or 150x180 cm (2 tables) - 1000₽
450x90 cm (3 tables with short side to each other) - 2000 rubles. Project approval required by organizers
600x90cm (4 tables, short side to each other) - 4000₽. The project must be approved by the organizers


Place tables in a non-standard configuration (any other than those listed above + a corner, no neighbors, etc.) - with a commission of 1000 rubles (since we will have to seriously change the plan). Project approval required by organizers
Connecting to electricity - 500₽

Payment is made by the captain of the composition / fan stand in personal account .

We provide 1 chair for each stand. For small compositions - 1 chair per table.

Each stand participant buys an entrance ticket separately.

_ dsc1693-_48086348002_o
Photo - Soldier Strife

General deadlines, submission of applications

An application for a song / fan stand is made once by the captain.

Participants should only register their dolls employed at the stand in their
personal account . After the captain completes an application for a stand and adds you and your dolls, the stand will be displayed in your personal account.

Until May 15, 2024 you can change the size of the stand, add and pay for electricity.
After this date and until the closing of the editing of applications for adding tables / electricity - the commission is 500 rubles.

Until May 15, 2024 you can refuse to participate in the exhibition and we will refund you 50% of the received payment.
If canceled after May 20, we will withhold 100% of the payment.
We kindly ask you to cancel your application in personal account and notify at dollscar@bjdclub.ru , if for some reason you cannot participate in the exhibition, even if your stand is free.

June 1, 2024 at 23:59 applications are closed for editing. Until that time, you need to enter in the applications all the data for the information plate of your stand. The application is available for editing in personal account .


Carefully read the details in the General rules for all exhibitors !

Public offer for members of the creative zone