Offer and contract for participation in the creative zone of the XVI Dollscar exhibition

from 15 November 2023

Dollscar proposes to conclude an agreement on participation in the exhibition on the following conditions:

1. The offer is addressed to clients. Clients - individuals who independently filled out an application for participation in the exhibition on the website in the section "Participation in the creative zone".

2. The contract is considered concluded from the moment of acceptance of the offer - full payment for the services of the organizer. The contract is valid until the end of the XVI Dollscar exhibition, that is, until 21:00 on June 15, 2024.

3. The subject of the contract is services for organizing the exhibition space. Terms and prices are detailed at .

4. The contractor does not pay VAT , as he applies a simplified taxation system.

5. The client pays for services by bank transfer.

6. E-mail correspondence is legally valid.

7. Dollscar has the right to advertise the event , telling about the client's participation in the exhibition on its website and in social networks.

8. Dollscar and the client are not entitled to transfer rights under the agreement to anyone.

9. A pre-trial dispute resolution procedure within 10 days is mandatory.

10. Dollscar and the client do not sign the deeds. Payment confirms the quality of services.

11. Jurisdiction of unresolved disputes - Vidnovsky City Court of the Moscow Region

12. Force majeure. In circumstances of force majeure on the territory of Moscow: natural disasters, special orders of the government or law enforcement agencies, etc., the standard refusal rules specified in the conditions become invalid. Dollscar has the right to make decisions on the terms of refusals and refunds at its own discretion, the current conditions are indicated by the organizer on the terms page http: //dollscar.bjdclub. com/2024/terms/creative and are effective immediately.

If, due to force majeure circumstances, the exhibition is canceled, the client refuses claims for reimbursement of the money spent. Dollscar has the right to postpone the exhibition to a later date with the preservation of the contract with the client on the same conditions, the money paid by the client is saved as a deposit. Either Dollscar pays partial compensation to the client, the decision on the amount of the refund is made by the organizer, it is not subject to appeal.

13. Dollscar has the right to change the offer, agreement and terms of service. The amendments to the agreement take effect immediately after publication on the Dollscar website. The client will be notified of the change in the offer by e-mail specified when filling out the application for participation.

Thank you for your participation ♥

Organizer of the Dollscar exhibition:

Individual entrepreneur Smokotnina Alexandra Fedorovna
PSRN 318502700002295, INN 667350366697
Account No. 40802810070010067076 in the Moscow branch of JSC CB "MODULBANK", BIK 044525092, +7 906 074-56-88