General rules for participation in XVI Dollscar

1. Placing on the venue plan

For commerce zone we invite each vendor to choose their own place according to the list - in the same order in which we receive payment.

First of all, our partners choose their place ( become a partner! ).

Participants of the creative zone are accommodated according to our technical points, taking into attention the wishes specified in the application. Write it if you want to stand next to your friends, closer to the exit, and whatever else, we will try to solve everything.

We have the right to change the layout of the exhibition, to move the participant to another place. If anything changes we will inform you by e-mail.

2. Dates and Timing

Dollscar is a very fast and eventful exhibition! :) Be prepared for this.

Installation day - June 14, Friday
You can bring stuff and decorate your booths from 14:00 to 21:00.

Exhibition Day - June 15, Saturday
Editing: from 9:30 to 12:00
The entrance for visitors is open from 12:00 to 19:00
Dismantling: from 19:00 to 21:00
It is prohibited to start dismantling before 19:00.

We are not responsible for the safety of the participant's booth. Keep track of your belongings throughout the exhibition - from 9:30 to 21:00.

3. Cars arrival and parking

The exhibition hall does not provide parking spaces for participants (including paid ones). It is allowed to enter the area for unloading and loading. This will require a pass.

We will provide a limited number of parking spaces:

★ To our partners ( become a partner! )

★ For participants of the creative zone with large stands (1 pass to the stand)

The issue of providing parking spaces will be decided individually in May.

Dollscar whereabouts

4. What is the booth

Only table (s) and chairs!
The size of the table is 150x90 cm, the height (with the table top) is 76 cm. The table top is solid, thick, made of plywood and designed for serious loads. Metal edged.
4 round metal legs.

5. Walls / partitions

Our format does not imply the use of classic exhibition partitions.

Do you want to install your showcase partitions or screens? Go do it! Just warn us - at

6. Installing the scenery

Decorations / backgrounds are allowed to be fixed to the table top with clamps only.

Do not use tape, stapler or anything else that could damage our equipment.

In case of damage to tables / chairs, the participant undertakes to pay a fine in the amount of from 1000 rubles to 5000 rubles, depending on the nature of the damage. The decision on the amount of the fine is made by the organizer.

7. It is not allowed:

To present and sell non-dolls goods only.
Non-themed goods can occupy no more than a third of the total area of ​​your stand.

Openly present expositions with 18+ content: spontaneous scenes of sex and / or violence; inscriptions with obscene words and stuff like that. Such content can be placed, for example, behind a warning screen. Write us if you have such an idea, together we will come up with something. Just naked dolls don't belong here.

Play music loudly.
Soundtrack is allowed at such a volume level that it can be heard only near your and (maximum) the nearest neighboring booth.

Use electric heating appliances (iron, kettle, hairdryer).
The iron can only be used during installation. Everything else is forbidden.

And also - do not interfere with your neighbors, do not block up the aisles, place yourself within your booth (use the space under the table for bags and packing).

8. Recasts

BJDClub and Dollscar strongly oppose fake, counterfeit dolls (recasts, bootlegs). We prohibit the placement of recasts of any nature and any dolls at any stands.

By recast, we mean a doll made by illegally copying mold from another doll.

This applies not only to bjd dolls, but also Blythe and others.

If we find a recast at the exhibition, we will demand that the doll be removed from the stand immediately.

If the recast is found at the booth in the commerce zone, we have the right to refuse the company / workshop to participate in our exhibitions, depending on the situation, for a period of 1 year or forever.

If a recast is found at a stand in the creative zone, the entire stand will cease to participate in the competition, regardless of the selected nominations. The owner of the recast will be banned from participating in the creative and commerce zones of Dollscar, as well as being banned from BJDClub, depending on the situation, for a period of 1 year or forever.

If we understand that there was a recast at some stand after the exhibition, if there is convincing evidence, the same actions are possible.

We reserve the right to refuse to applications for participate in any part of the exhibition to active members of the recast community.

9. Also

It is forbidden to transfer the exhibition space to another participant without notification and written permission of the organizer. If necessary, please contact on this matter.

It is forbidden to distribute advertising materials (business cards / flyers / leaflets) outside your booth.

It is forbidden to take (move to your booth) other people's (including seemingly free) chairs and tables without the organizer's permission.

And do not forget about fire and sanitary safety standards :)

10. In case of violation of the rules

We reserve the right to cancel the current contract and demand to immediately vacate the exhibition space without refunding the payment for the booth and additional services, as well as refuse to applications for participate in the future.

So far we have not had such cases at exhibitions, and we very much hope that there will not be in the future ^^ We love our participants.

Main rule

Enjoy the beauty and have fun!

For all questions

Be sure to write to us!
Skype: red.anchous
+79060745688 - WhatsApp / Viber
Telegram: @JimKirk

We can change the rules. If something changes, we will inform the participants by e-mail.