Accommodation conditions in the XVI Dollscar commerce zone

Commerce zone is the trade and exhibition area. It is dedicated to jointed dolls and any accessories for them!

Dollscar is the main event among the bjd-lovers in Russia. This is not only an exhibition with a large number of visitors who want to enjoy the beautiful, but also a festival that gathers active collectors from all over the country for the whole day.

For the booth in the commerce zone, fill out an application in personal account . An application filled out on the website is considered an agreement for participation. The final reserve and the conclusion of the contract - after payment.

Exhibition locations and prices


We divide our members into 2 price categories. The category is determined by the largest number of relevant products at the booth.

Category D (dolls):

jointed doll artists
clothes and shoes for dolls
wigs, doll eyes
doll decorations and accessories
miniature and accessories for photo shoots
doll furniture

Category O (other):

technical supplies and care products
materials for sewing, making wigs and other crafting
other toys (with a limited quota of no more than ~ 5-7 stands, selected by the organizer)

Booth type

Category D

Category O

Regular booth

1 table 150x90 cm
2 chairs and 2 passes



Double booth

2 tables 150x90 cm Total area 300x90 cm
2 chairs and 2 passes



Corner booth

2 tables 150x90 cm
As letter L and located at the corner of the row.
2 chairs and 2 passes



Triple Corner booth

3 tables 150x90 cm
As letter L and located at the corner of the row.
2 chairs and 2 passes



Wow booth

2 tables 150x90 cm
On the edge of the row, on the first line at the entrance
The arrangement of the tables relative to each other of your choice.
2 chairs and 2 passes

★ $255 ★


Please read the details in General Rules !

Additional services

+1 chair - $6
+1 pass / badge - $10
Electricity connection - $20


Starting November 15, 2023 we accepting applications until we run out of place.

Making an application on the website does not mean booking a place. The booth is considered reserved (and contract - concluded) after receiving the payment (or the first payment in installments).

Payment must be made within 3 days from the moment of confirmation of your application.

Second payment (if you chose installments when placing your application) must be made before March 1, 2024.

If the second payment is not received on time, we will have to terminate the contract :( You will not be able to participate in Dollscar this year. The first payment will not be refunded in this case.

Until May 15, 2024 you can add to your stand and pay for any additional services without commission.
If canceled after May 20, we will withhold 100% of the payment.
We kindly ask you to notify if for some reason you cannot participate in the exhibition.

June 1, 2024 at 23:59 applications are closed for editing. Until that time, all the data for the catalog must be entered into the applications: names, logos, links, etc. The application is available for editing in personal account .

And one more thing ...

Dollskar is looking for partners!

Any artist or master can become a sponsor providing prizes for the winners of competitions and get a lot of stuff: advertising, a 30% discount on the booth, and much more.

Terms - here .

General rules

Please also read the general rules for all exhibitors .

Public offer for participants of the trade and exhibition area