Contests and prizes at XVI Dollscar

Dollscar is a celebration of creativity! All exhibitors, both commercial and non-commercial, pay special attention to the design of their booths and the presentation of the dolls.

To make it even more interesting, we conduct a vote among all visitors and award prizes to the most memorable stands and dolls!

Electronic voting is held on the day of the exhibition, starting from 13:00 and until 17:00. To vote, you need an individual code, which will be placed on your ticket.

To vote, go to

Voting status now: closed, awaiting the start of the exhibition!


The winners will receive prizes from our partners !

Competition in the creative zone

Among thematic dioramas

Each thematic diorama can take one of three prizes in the categories:

Best Film or Best Video Game or Best Small Diorama

Best Visual Effects

Dollscar 2019 For Best Film / Best Video Game / Best Small Composition you should vote for the overall impression of the diorama.

Let the assessment be influenced by:
• arrangement of dolls, liveliness of poses
• the idea of the composition and how well it is conveyed
• active interaction of dolls with entourage
• interesting directorial finds (non-standard staging of dolls and decorations, presentation of a developing plot, etc.)
• interactivity (viewers can somehow influence the stand)

In addition to this, all compositions can compete for Best Visual Effects .

Here we invite viewers to appreciate not only the complexity and scale of the scenery, but also:
• innovative technical solutions
• use of unusual materials
• special effects (for example, special lighting, smoke, water, etc.)
• transformation over time (the stand is modified in any way)
Dollscar 2019

For dolls performing roles in thematic dioramas, individual nominations are provided:

Best Actor or Best Actress

Best Makeup

Best Costume Design

_dsc1760-_48086266356_o Dollscar 2019 dioramas and fanstands 10 In the nomination Best Actor and Best Actress , dolls performing such roles participate, the gender of the doll itself does not matter.

Viewers rate:
• general impression of the doll
• its correspondence to the chosen role

In the nomination Best Makeup , only dolls with a face-up made especially for Dollscar will participate.

We ask viewers to pay attention to:
• matching the face-up to the intended image
• the complexity of the face-up
• the presence of sculptural elements
• modifications
Dollscar 2018 Dollscar 2018

Dollscar 2019 Dollscar 2018 In the nomination Best Costume Design , there are dolls in costumes made especially for Dollscar.

Should be assessed:
• matching the costume to the intended image
• performance of the costume as a whole
• accessories (jewelry and other small details)
• the complexity of additional elements to create an image (such as wings, weapons, etc.)

Among fan stands

Three prizes are announced in the category Best Fan Stand !
We do not offer any rules for voting, cast your vote as your heart tells you — to those fan stands that touched your heart the most ♥

 DSC_0561 copy

People's Choice Award

Three prizes are announced in the nomination People's Choice Award among dolls at fan stands!

Competition in the trade and exhibition area

Commercial stands also have the opportunity to receive a prize — a free regular booth at next exhibition (or an equivalent discount on another type of booth).

In the nomination The most interesting booth in the trade and exhibition area , only one winner will be announced!
In the vote, we ask you to rate the design of the booth:
• props and decorations
• dolls presented at the booth
• unusual solutions
• and certainly convenience for viewers and buyers!

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Apply for participation

Please read the details in General Rules !

Background photo by Uollka at XI Dollscar, 2019
The doll belongs to AZURRA