Rules for Dollscar visitors

We have a few rules, but they are all very important, please read.
1. By purchasing a ticket, you automatically agree with our rules and that in case of violation, the organizers may ask you to leave the exhibition area without refunding the ticket price.
2. At the control line, we check the ticket and put on each visitor a non-removable bracelet. The bracelet gives you the right to enter the exhibition as many times as you like during the day. Do not rip off the bracelet while you are on Dollscar.
3. It is strictly forbidden to touch any dolls on display. Remember that our dolls get dirty easily and may be fragile if dropped.
In addition, many dolls are not goods, they belong to their owners, who may feel uncomfortable that someone touches their things. Please treat our exhibitors with respect!
4. Dollscar is a recast free zone. Please don't bring any fake dolls with you. Also recasts are strictly forbidden to display at any stands. 5. Dollscar is targeted at 12+ audience. This means that there may be adult content on the stands. We do not prohibit coming with children, but we ask you to pay attention to this in advance.
6. If you are visiting Dollscar with a child under 12 years of age, we require not to leave it unattended. Parents bear full, including material, responsibility for the actions of their children.
7. You cannot walk around the exhibition with long doll carriers, suitcases, large backpacks and other large bags. Leave them in the wardrobe.
8. Leave your pets at home (except for guide dogs).
9. Not allowed - scooters, bicycles, roller skates and so on. The only permitted wheeled vehicle is a wheelchair.
10. Baby carriage: please use compact strollers only. And better - slings / ergo baby carriers. We do our best to avoid crowds! We really have a lot of visitors.
Security will not allow strollers with Reborn dolls to enter the exhibition, please take your little ones on handles in advance. We love different dolls and are sympathetic to how people play with them, but our exhibition is not suitable for this.
11. Security has the right to prevent or demand from the territory of the exhibition a visitor in a state of intoxication and / or disturbing public order.
12. Video and photography is free, allowed everywhere and welcome! Share your photos and videos on social networks with hashtags #Dollscar and # Dollscar2022
13. The main rule is to enjoy the beauty and have fun!

Background photo - Dollscar 2017