To future XVI Dollscar participants

We invite you to participate in the most unusual exhibition dedicated only to ball-jointed dolls.

Dollscar is two zones of equal importance: trade and exhibition and non-profit creative. Both are open for participation to everyone!

Trade and exhibition area — doll artists and doll accessories workshops.

The Creative Zone — space for collectors wishing to show to the public the art installations with their dolls.

Our target audience is people who do not just collect dolls, but play with them! So they are actively engaged in any kind of art related to dolls: they sew, photograph, paint ... In fact, the visitors and participants of the Dollscar are on the same wavelength! This is probably why there are so many words about a sense of unity in Dollscar reviews.

We do our best to make exhibition spaces as accessible as possible, and to gather the largest number of specialized exhibitors on one site.

Our principles:

1. Open space
2. Dollscar's advertising campaigns are aimed at doll lovers — we do not need a wide audience.
3. Vendors are pre-selected. Only ball-jointed dolls artists and dolls stuff workshops can participate (though there is a minimum quota for other toys, non-articulated dolls, etc., at the choice of the organizers).

Commerce zone

Creative zone

Terms for participation

From $100

Registration starts on November 15!

Terms for participation

From $0

Registration starts on November 15!

Exhibition organizer — Alexandra (Anchous), head , is making doll events for 14 years. Alexandraattends all the major doll exhibitions and takes part in them so she knows exactly the needs of the exhibitor.

Questions about participation? Please write to!

Background photo taken by Soldier Strife at XI Dollscar, 2019
Dolls belong to rangvar